How great lawn care Maintenance can add value to your Brisbane property

By Sye Macey

If you're a homeowner in Queensland, or a real estate agent renting managing properties, one thing you should be aware of is that having a well manicured, inviting garden can increase the value of your property significantly (sometimes as much as %20!). Whether you're an avid gardener or not sure where to start, this post will look at some of the best garden features to increase the value of your property in Brisbane.

Were not talking about creating a koi carp pond or having a Bali-esque waterfall, but features that will be beneficial to those making the most of the garden. Instead we are talking about simple garden features which will help increase the value of the property without hugely increasing your garden maintenance and lawn work.

So which garden features ranked highest overall? Some of the most sought after features of a garden are a good quality shed and sturdy fencing, but the least desired feature is artificial grass! Here are the main features to include:

  • Secure fencing
  • A large, well-built shed
  • Paving
  • Well-kept garden
  • Remove the weeds
  • Easy to maintain flower beds or plants in pots
  • A simple set of table and chairs

If your garden is messy, full of features and appears unkempt it will come across as unmanageable and be seen as a negative to potential renters or buyers. Therefore, simplicity is the key. After all most people want a beautiful garden, but nobody really loves doing garden work (except our staff of course).

Having a well maintained garden gives the impression that the rest of the home has been looked after and, in the buyer’s mind, means that they will spend less money on upkeep or renovations.

Why are gardens so valued these days?

Brisbane is a sunny place! Which means that people want to make the most of the weather and spend time in the garden. Who doesn't love a good BBQ?

And, with many people having to downsize, having a sizable garden means it can double-up as a cooking and dining area, perfect for garden parties and family barbecues! Which explains why paving is considered one of the most desired features. The opportunity to add garden furniture on a solid, stable area is preferred over trying to balance a chair on an uneven patch of grass, with the risk of someone toppling over!

So, here are 5 ways you can work on your garden to add value to your property and make it more desirable to potential buyers.

#1 Plan ahead

Before you go planting vegetable patches or removing that tree you don’t really like, sit down and think of a plan for working on your garden. If you remove something, how will it change the look and feel of your garden? Will you replace what you’ve removed? If you add something, will it be in the way of early morning sun, or add to the level of maintenance?

#2 Make it low maintenance

If someone walks in and sees rows of flowerbeds, a pond, a water feature and a collection of bird tables...

...They may feel as if your garden is going to be hard to keep up with. Not everybody will want to spend all weekend working in the garden, keeping it tidy and making sure all of the wildlife has food (of course you could always hire us to take care of this). It is better to keep your garden simple yet inviting, and let your buyers decide what features they would like to add once they’ve moved in.

#3 Banish those weeds!

Remove the weeds growing up between the cracks and littering the flowerbeds. Cut back, or remove, overgrown shrubs, bushes and anything else that makes your garden look unloved. Weeds look untidy and reflect poorly on the maintenance of the garden, which will reflect badly on you and your home. It is simple advice but you would be shocked how often people forget this.

Don't have time for to weed your garden? Well you could hire Brisbane's most reliable garden maintenance team to take care of it (hint - that's us).

#4 Add furniture

If you don’t already have some, consider buying some furniture that will brighten up your garden. You want people to imagine themselves sitting in your garden, relaxing in the sun and spending time with their loved ones. If they can’t picture it, they will walk away feeling as though your house isn’t the future home for them.

Many homeward stores sell table and chair sets at reasonable prices, so adding new furniture to your garden doesn’t have to put you out of pocket, and could be a solid investment for your future.

#5 Brighten it up!

And finally, add some colour to your garden! If that old fence needs repainting, or your shed needs some TLC - get it sorted before you put your house on the market! Here are some simply, easy to maintain ways to brighten up your garden.

  1. Add a few colourful plants, in bright plant pots, to your garden. Even if you take the plants with you, or the buyers don’t want to keep them, they will make the garden look more inviting.

  2. Buy a parasol! A bright orange, red or yellow will easily brighten up your garden whatever the weather. Again, you can always take it with you, or leave it to the new owners, but this will help people imagine sitting outside under the umbrella, enjoying the weather and space.

  3. What about lights? Solar lights are a cheap and easy way to add a bit of love to your garden. It gives the impression that you enjoy the garden so much that you spend time out there in the evening.

  4. Invest in a birdbath or seed hangers for the wildlife. These items do not have to be lavish or in bold colours, but they may attract beautiful birds and butterflies which add an instant appeal to your garden.

  5. Try painting the shed or some fence panels in a pastel or warm orange tone to add some extra colour to your garden. This is a simple, quick and easy way to brighten up your area and is an easy fix if the buyers don’t particularly like it in the end.

Depending on your own tastes, there are many ways to make your garden look more appealing, but hopefully we have given you some solid ideas on how to start making your garden look more inviting before you place your property on the market. 

There are ideas for every budget, but it is important to remember that less is more. If you add too many fancy, over the top items, a buyer may feel as if there will be too much maintenance involved. However, keep it nice and simple and the buyer can add more to it if they wish, which is much easier than trying to make a fancy garden more simple. 

‍Now obviously if you are managing multiple properties or trying to add even more value to your home before you put it to market there are plenty of more options. But each garden and home is unique. The best solution? Call our team and talk to a professional.

Hopefully this helps seed some ideas (har har) for you to improve your garden. But as I mentioned for more in depth advice, or regular garden maintenance services, feel free to reach out to our team!

- Sye Macey

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